Twilight of the Baby Boomers

MERGE the Musical 

Book, lyrics and music by Rus McCoy and Kimel Conway

It is the twilight of the Baby Boomers. The single largest generation in America's history approaches retirement and they are finding that job security, pensions, 401Ks and even Social Security are not as certain as we were all led to believe.

The company, TwinkleWare©, faces a corporate merger and it throws the senior staff into a tailspin. Who will stay? Who will go? And why the hell is there a merger anyway? To avert total chaos, the CEO decides to find ways to bring the staff together. The process causes the staff to reassess their goals in life and the truth behind the "American Dream". It also creates another conundrum: How well do you know the people you work with…and do you really want to know them that well at all?

While some want to commemorate the Boomers with sentimental walks down memory lane and recycling hits from the era, "MERGE" faces these issues with humor and original music that pays homage to the 60s, 70s and 80s with genuine heart. This musical also addresses where the Boomers have been, where they are now, where they are going, as well as the amusing point of view of the generations that follow and precede the Boomers.

The co-creators, Rus McCoy and Kimel Conway, are both Baby Boomers. They have not only written this musical, they have lived it! This is a labor of love aimed at the largest segment of adults who go to musical theatre and to the generations that follow.


MERGE: Libretto, lyrics and music by Rus McCoy and Kimel Conway.

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